Recent Quotes from Short-Termers

"Our missions experience has helped me have a deeper closeness to God's heart for all people. Figuring out that I was being asked to pray for a Nepali lady freed me to pray in my language and know that God knew her needs because I didn't. I feel bolder to pray for people in my church without knowing their specific needs." Verna – Nepal 2016

"The main benefit was in the area of building relationships as opposed to being on a short-term mission and engaged in constructions. I learned how to give a good testimony. You guys have great training material for anyone going on a first time trip." Jim – Ukraine 2016

“I have learned to trust God with all the little things and the big things. I have found Him completely trustworthy. I feel so safe with Him. I always want to do things God's way because I know that that is where the real joy of life is.” — Kathryn – Romania 2016

“It was a great opportunity to put self aside for a period and learn to 'decrease, that Christ might increase.'" — Robert – Poland 2016

“I learned how to put aside my plans, fears, and what I thought I needed to do what God had in store for me. I learned that sometimes, my job is to be the one in the background, supporting others through prayer. I learned that if I push God aside, he will call me back, and do everything possible to get my focus back on him. I learned how to put myself aside and serve him with a willing heart and a genuine joyful smile. I learned that God can use anyone and anything to fulfill His plans. I experienced how the Holy Spirit connects people throught him. Believers may not speak the same language, but we can still minister to each other if we're all in tune with the Spirit.” Henia – Poland 2016

“Family English Camp has renewed my hope for the people in my life who have not yet put their trust in Jesus. The camp continues year after year to invest in nonbelievers and to share the Good News with love--some say yes to Jesus the first year, some the 8th year, and some never do. I never know who in my life will put their trust in Jesus the next time they hear the Gospel. Just like at camp, I only need to continue inviting, continue sharing, and continue loving. I also benefited from the experience of team unity. That is the kind of unity I want to see on any team or in any church I am a part of!” Sara – Poland 2016

"I am glad to have had the opportunity to experience what I did. I left with a joyful feeling knowing that I was able to carry out an outreach like this and help plant the seed of salvation in the minds and hearts of so many people. As to my effectiveness, it is up to the Holy Spirit to continue the process of salvation. I cannot save anyone from their sins. Only Jesus could have done that. We only become failures when we think that we do the saving. Our calling is to plant the seed, pray for the people that we reached out to, and let the Lord be glorified during the process." David – Ukraine 2016