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English Camps

Adult Evangelistic English Language Camp

This camp is for adults over 19 years of age but is not a professional camp. There will be a mixture of adults from various occupations who will come to learn English as a second language. There is a great opportunity with this camp as these are people of greater maturity. This type of camp is ideal for a wide age range of team members coming from the states. It also follows the regular EELC camp format and schedule. 

Adult Professional English Language Camps

The Professional English Camp is for adults and focuses on professionals between the ages of 30 and 60. They have not had a chance to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. With the coming economic hard times ahead for this age group, they are more open to the Gospel now than ever before. They are searching for the meaning of their existence and life after death. We also wish to introduce them to the same Biblical vocabulary that their children have been exposed to through other missionary outreaches that they do don't comprehend. We hope this will make a more harmonious home environment for everyone.

The professional camps will focus on teachers, business people and the medical profession. They have the most exposure to families in the community, and they want to improve their English speaking skills and learn more about their professions from Americans.

Team members for the professional camps should have backgrounds in banking, construction, industrial, import/export, legal, manufacturing, retail, sales/marketing and service businesses. Medical teams would be made up of doctors and nurses with various practices and specialties.

The trips run approximately 14 days, with a 2-1/2 day training required over a weekend prior to the trip. International Messengers does all the training required. All we ask is that team members be professionals, with a heart for relationship-based evangelism, have a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and can give a presentation in a workshop setting.

Youth Evangelistic English Language Camp

Youth camps are held for high school age students 15-19 years old. This camp is normally held with the support of a local church that wants to develop a youth ministry. This provides them with an "instant" youth group once the camp is finished. The challenge is in getting the church to find sponsors to develop relationships with the kids. The youth camps follow the same structure and format as the regular EELC.